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I just found an interesting online Ph.D. dissertation, An Analysis of Anglican Concepts of the Papal Magisterium from the First Through the Tenth Lambeth Conference, by Burns K. Seeley (St. Paul University, Ottawa, 1971). Seeley was an Anglican at the time he was writing his dissertation; at some point, he became a Roman Catholic and a priest.

Given that many Orthodox opposed to the papal claims rely on Anglican controversial literature from this period, and that some of the more pro-papal Anglican literature is used by Roman apologists, this dissertation should be very germane to the discussions which take place on this blog.

I admit that I am a bit disappointed, from a very cursory glance, that Seeley does not devote any space to a discussion of Dom Gregory Dix and his work on episcopal and papal jurisdiction. It is also unfortunate that the dissertation was written too early to discuss the 1998 statement “The Gift of Authority” (not that I think that agreements with contemporary Anglicans actually mean much at all).


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